• Tutoring


    Our tutors are highly trained and have subject-matter expertise. A tutor is assigned to each student, depending on the subject and his or her needs. Since it is extremely significant to have consistency for the academic progress of the students…

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  • Test Prep

    test prep

    Test prep is effective because it is an accurate representation of what is on the actual exam as the format and content are standard year after year. Test preparation also allows the student to become familiar with the format, timing and content before taking the actual exam.

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  • Credit Recovery

    credit recovery hudson learning center

    America has a steady high school dropout rate of nearly 30 percent, and the rate is significantly higher for Latinos and African Americans (Barton, 2005; Thornburgh, 2006). Struggling in school and failing classes is one of the main reasons teens drop out…

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  • Homework help


    Recognizing that the time students spend while out of school can play a significant role in their academic development, The Hudson Learning Center has developed a high quality Homework Help program that emphasizes organizational…

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Mission Statement

At The Hudson Learning Center our mission is to ensure that our students have access to quality supplemental educational resources and that our environment is positive and respectful so that all stakeholders are empowered to reach their educational and personal potential as they build self-confidence and achieve success.

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Hudson learning Center

The Hudson Learning Center

The Hudson Learning Center’s mission is to provide affordable learning solutions to the urban community. It is our goal to make supplemental education accessible to all.

As demands increase in our country’s public school system, districts are being asked to do more with decreased budgets. Often this means that the needs of students who can be additionally challenged or those that are lacking skills are not being addressed.

The Hudson Learning Center is the solution to parents who feel their child is being left behind either because they are not challenged enough or because they are lacking skills. Our programs are structured to address individual needs. We are not a one size fits all tutoring center with a specific prescription.

We will evaluate students using a variety of methods and address their needs via private or small group tutoring. These types of services have been available to Bergen County parents for many years and now for the first time, The Hudson Learning Center is available to Hudson County as well.

Our goal is to become the number one tutoring service in Hudson County; Hoboken, Jersey City, North Bergen Secaucus and West New York.

Call us today to learn why The Hudson Learning Center is the missing piece to your success!

Success Stories

the wall of success stories sophia

Meet Jose

Jose is our success story of the week. Jose came to The Hudson Learning Center in September unable to understand or speak any English. Jose has become a very special member of our Homework Help group with his quiet and observant manner. Our teachers and students only speak to him in English so he is fully immersed in the language and because we provide a very comfortable and stress free environment, we can tell that every day he is closer and closer to gaining English language proficiency. We are very proud of you Jose; you are a ray of sunshine at HLC!

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